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Quoc Duong is the founder and developer of Sentient.Email. He loves technology and is always looking for ways to make life easier.

Quoc Duong

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Quoc Duong

Hello and welcome! I'm Quoc Duong, a seasoned cyber security professional with an extensive background in the technological landscape. My journey began in the MSSP sector as an analyst. Over the years, I progressed to a senior role at Allegion and am currently thriving as a security engineer at Apprentice.io, a renowned name in the pharmaceutical MES domain. At Apprentice.io, I don't just ensure robust security; I also lead AI initiatives, combining my expertise to drive innovation in a secure environment.

Beyond cybersecurity, my interests are vast. I'm an avid enthusiast of hardware and software engineering. The evolving landscape of AI, the magic of 3D printing, and the revolutionary strides in CRISPR technology are areas that captivate me. My passion lies in diving deep into new tech, grasping its essence, and visualizing its transformative potential.


Dive into the future of email communication with Sentient.email. Born from a fusion of advanced AI and my deep-seated passion for technology, Sentient.email is more than just a SaaS platform. It's a revolution in the way we perceive email interactions.

Our standout offering? An AI-powered agent that intelligently crafts email responses. Gone are the days of manual replies and missed opportunities. With Sentient.email, all you need to do is provide the system with specific prompts or information, and let the magic unfold. Our AI agent processes the information, understands the context, and produces precise email responses, streamlining communication and ensuring you're always engaged, without the manual hassle.

Entrepreneurial at heart, I've bootstrapped Sentient.email from its inception, ensuring every facet resonates with my vision of seamless and efficient email communication. As we continue to evolve, our mission remains unwavering: to redefine email interactions, making them smarter and more intuitive for the modern world.

Your journey towards smarter email communication begins here. Welcome to Sentient.email.

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